Trinitus Anchor

When two worlds come together for a common cause, it’s not only a new dawn but also the birth of a new world as one

On the 2nd march 2013, the mighty and all some sacrosanct (namilyango college boys) hosted the elegant trinitus ladies from nabbingo thus the birth of the trinitus anchor union

It was just coming to 10:30 am when the hornbills anchored in the splendor land of nabbingo. All clad in executive suits and representing to the fullest, the sacrosanct out did themselves by chauffeuring a limousine to be part of their entourage.

Time check 12 pm the wholesome ladies of nabbingo arrived at the great college thus the commencement of the trinitus anchor union. After the traditional exchange of greetings the gentlemen led their ladies to the arranged venue, had interactions then sloped for lunch.

Bon a petit the chefs kept saying for the meal was one even the best chef in the world couldn’t leave out on the menu. Armed with the cutlery the couples went at it and downed it with soothing drinks.

All is well that is all well ……the afternoon dance wouldn’t have started any better than having Uganda best…Toniks performing and driving the message home this was as clean as whistle.

To the dance floor they chanted. Like the farm animals to old major dream on with it and down with it. Having grasped all the dances there are to learn, the execution was paramount.

Cake time ….the traditional toast and the cake was down on its knees. The gents helped their ladies to some cake with the ladies thereafter.

The last jam couldn’t have come any later than at 6pm, but it’s all well that ends well. Some disheartened with the fact that they had to let go of their ladies.

A drop in the ocean, a change in the weather I was praying that you and I might end up together its like wishing for rain as I stand in the desert ….hope that drives the message home …..

Heartfelt goodbyes and long hugs that would never end the scene were so romantic that the curtains were drawn………

Forever as one one forever….

Yours truly Trevor Ian.