To address accessibility and affordability of excellent education to Uganda and beyond.


Bishop Biermans 1902 ordered that except during class hours they (students) will be without supervision as this might contribute to the formation of their characters “especially making them responsible individuals.   Instructions were to be given in Catechism, Reading, Writing and Arithematics and the aim of the College was “to give higher education than other mission schools would give”.

In 1995 Dr. P Kibuuka said the College was founded on the philosophy that the students manage their own affairs and be educated for responsibility.

Expounded the mission may take on several outlook; the key word is “to produce a RESPONSIBLE person at the end of one’s stay at the College.”

To provide an education for responsibility through providing for a holistic person made of body and soul. Capable of taking responsible decisions for personal and national development.

To moderate, guide and mould the learners in the manner appropriate for making them responsible individuals o their country at large with God – fearing traits.

The current mission statement is summed up in three words “education for responsibility”