1. Respect / obedience

Students shall obey and abide by all regulations of the school as laid down from time to time.  They are expected to respect each other.  Respect and obey the teachers and all hose in positions of responsibility.  Penalties may include depending on the status/ rank of the administrator offended.

  1. Uniform hygiene

The school uniform shall be worn during class hours and at all designated school functions.  The ‘O’ level uniform consists of a white short sleeved shirt with a school badge, a pair of grey trousers and a green necktie with yellow strips.  The ‘A’ level uniform consists of a white long sleeved shirt with a school badge, a grey pair of trousers and a green necktie with yellow strips.  Both ‘O’ and ‘A’level students shall wear black shoes.

All fancy styles of dressing shall not be tolerated within the school compound; this includes putting on hats, necklaces e.t.c. shirts must always be buttoned; hair should be trimmed and always well kept.  Students shall always use the appropriate places for toilet as well as dustbins for the rubbish.  Slippers may be used within the dormitory only.

  1. Leaving school without permission

The College cannot be held responsible for a student who goes outside the school compound without written permission.  Students shall not be allowed to go outside the school compound without a written permission from the Headmaster’s office.

  1. Use of drugs / substance

No student is allowed to take/ consume or to be under the influence of or in possession of alcohol, tobacco, narcotics and any other intoxicating substances.

  1. Fighting \bullying

To ensure harmony and peaceful co-existence in the community, fighting is prohibited.  Any culprit shall be summoned by the staff disciplinary committee which shall investigate the case and make recommendations to the Headmaster.

  1. Teasing / bullying

No student shall tease or bully another.  The Board of Governors understands bulling to include physical or verbal attacks, stealing the property of the victim and forcing him to engage in unlawful acts.

  1. Vandalism

No student is allowed to cause or attempt to cause damage or deface school property, tamper with fire extinguishers or any other gadgets installed to be used during emergency.  Offenders shall be asked to meet the cost of the damage done.

  1. Prohibited items Vandalism

No student is allowed to possess and use prohibited electronic devices like mobile phones, radius, CD players and other audio and video record/ playing devices.  The possession and use of combustible materials and match boxes, candles, kerosene lanterns is also prohibited on the school compound.

  1. Computer and internet abuse

Misuse of the internet by indulging in profanity, pornography, writing and sending pornographic messages is prohibited.  Tampering with computer software and hardware is equally prohibited.

  1. Lights out

Captains on duty are responsible for switching off the lights in the classrooms and the House captains for switching off the lights in dormitories at the relevant times.  Lights should be switched off by 11:30p.m.  To ensure safety, the prefects should ensure that the security lights remain on at night.

  1. Communication channel

In case of a common problem affecting a group of students, they shall not approach any member of staff as a mob.  This will be seen as a confrontation.  They must select five representative students’ leaders to represent them e.g. Captains, Prefects, Councilors e.t.c to represent them.

  1. Grievances

Students are free to air their grievances through the established channels such as the school council, House meetings, class meetings, suggestion box and other recognized avenues with in the school.

  1. Furniture

No desk, chairs or stools shall be taken by any student to the dormitories or stores.  Movement of furniture shall be supervised and authorized by the Furniture Master.  Furniture shall be returned to its rightful place after use.

  1. Attendance

One of the reasons why students are admitted to this College is to attend lessons and any other approved academic programs.  All students shall attend punctually, all classes (including morning and night studies) except those with written permission from the school nurse or anyone in position of authority as the case may be.  During Public holidays, students may engage in sports only after the morning preparation.

  1. Laboratory equipment

No student shall use laboratory chemicals and apparatus for uses other than those for which they are intended.  Any authorized use of chemicals and or apparatus shall be under direct supervision of a teacher or laboratory assistant.

  1. Departmental rules

On top of the above rules, students shall observe rules and guidelines given from time to time by the various departments in the College.

  1. Examination malpractice

No student shall engage in examination malpractice as defined by UNEB.  Any student found or caught or proved cheating during / a examinations shall be penalized.

Social / spiritual

  1. Prayers

All students shall attend prayers and services organised by the College according to their respective denominations.  No student is allowed to convert/

Deviate another student from the religion under which the latter registered on admission to the school.  The College can only cater for the following denominations; Catholic, Anglican and Islam.  All spiritual activities are under the supervision of the College Chaplain.

  1. Meals/ dinning etiquette
  2. All students shall take their meal from the Dining Hall. Students are expected to observe etiquette while in the dining hall.  All regulations made by the Catering department shall be followed.  The cafeteria system should be followed by all students.
  3. Food must not be taken to the dormitories. In case of sick students, the College Nurse shall hand in a list of the names of sick sudents to the Caterer before food is taken to them in the Sick Bay.  No private cooking is allowed.  It is the duty of the House Captains to ensure that the kitchen property is not taken and kept in the dormitories.  House Masters may carry out surprise inspections any time.
  4. Sports

Every student should participate in at least one of the authorized sports and games provided at the College.  All students should put on games uniforms during games.  Jogging outside the school compound shall be supervised by the sports Captains.  A student may be exempted from sports only on medical grounds or on account of a disability.

  1. Theft / Extortion

Any student, who takes, attempts to take or knowingly receives stolen, school or personal property without permission of the owner shall be held liable for the act(s) students shall no surrender their property under threat or undue influence form another.

  1. Vernacular

To ensure harmony, students are strongly encouraged to use English as a common language while on the school compound.

  1. Visitors

Students should not entertain visitors except on the official visiting day which is once a term.  Parents/ visitors shall not go to the dormitory areas and into the dormitories, except when there are official guided tours.  Visitors may not be escorted beyond the school compound and shall leave by 5:30pm.  Visitors may visit the college during office hours.

  1. Staff quarter

Staff quarters are out of bound to all students except when one has written permission from the member/s of staff concerned.  In case of emergency student leaders ad captains may have access to any staff member in the staff quarters.

 Anti-Social Behaviour

No student shall engage or coerce another to engage in anti-social behavior or sexual harassment of any form.  Anyone caught or reported will be excluded.

  1. Security and safety

Students shall value life and property and know how to protect it through being cautious and sensitive to any possible danger and loss.  Students should cooperate and respond to any emergency by following the guidelines and instructions from those in authority.

  1. Image of the school

Students shall exhibit a high sense of moral and social responsibility both in and out of school.  They shall put into practice the knowledge and guidance given to them to protect the good image of the school.