The College has ten residential houses and a hostel. The “O” Level students reside in the residential houses while the “A” Level students reside in Minderop Hostel, named after Father Minderop, the first Headmaster of the College. The twelve residential houses are:

1. Biermans House – Named after Father Biermans, a Mill Hill Missionary (MHM)
2. Billington House – Named after Bishop Billington (MHM)
3. Campling House – Named after Father Campling (MHM)
4. Doyle House – Named after Reverend Father Captain Bernard Doyle (MHM), a former Headmaster
5.Hanlon House – “House of Lords”, named after Bishop Hanlon (MHM), accommodated the first students on 23 March 1902
6.Kiwanuka House – Named after Archbishop Kiwanuka, the first native African to be appointed Archbishop of the Roman Catholic Church in East Africa
7. Kuipers House – Named after Father Bernard Kuipers (MHM), served the College for 30 years as teacher, Headmaster and Chaplain
8. McKee House – Named after Father McKee (MHM)
9. Mukasa House – Named after Mr. Noah Mukasa, a former Biology teacher at the College
10. Reensich House – Named after Bishop Reensich (MHM)
11. Charles Lwanga
12. Heweston